Each week your child will work on a project that will teach Python programming integrated with Art, Science, Music or Math.  At the end of the three week period your child will have developed a working knowledge of the Python language, made and modified several physical computing projects and will have a powerful little mini-computer of their own to keep.  Advanced kids will be able to create their own projects with the accessories.

We will walk them through setup and introductory coding lessons online.  Students will spend a minimum of three hours per week working with us on their projects (one hour per day for three days each week).  Each additional week, they will receive a new accessory and learn to program it.


Nine to fourteen years old or older.  Please contact us if your child falls out of that range and you would like to discuss this further.


Dates, Times and Location

June 29, 30 and July 1 (M,T,W)

July 7,8,9 (T,W,Th)

July 15, 16, 17 (W,Th,F)

All sessions run from 10AM to 11AM.  If additional time is needed (for instructions, advice, assistance or questions) it will take place from 11AM to noon. Campers can request this additional time if they need it.

All sessions will take place online via Zoom.  The week before the sessions start, a Zoom meeting code and password will be emailed to you.  


The cost for this will be $275 for materials, nine online one-hour sessions, and up to three additional hours of virtual small group instruction or one-on-one time, as needed.



For Week 1 they will receive: Raspberry Pi 3 mini-computer, HDMI Cable, Power Supply, a micro SD card and a Raspberry Pi Accessory.

For Week 2 they will receive: a second Raspberry Pi accessory.

During Week 3 they will receive: a third and final Raspberry Pi accessory.

PLEASE NOTE: Campers should already have access to a monitor with an HDMI port, a mouse (preferably wireless) and a keyboard (preferably wireless).

Registration and Payment