Who We Are and What Our Kids Do

Certified Teachers and the BEST Camp Counselors around. Each morning, our Campers learn how to code in a fun, project oriented way! By the end of summer they will have built websites, coded apps, created video games, and programmed robots! We give them a chance to let their imaginations run wild and are excited to see what they build! After noon, we put a STEAM spin on standard camp games and activities.

All kids love science! Hands-on experiments, projects, demos bring the learning to life.
Code, code, code. Campers learn to code a new language. From Beginners to Advanced, we have a programming language for all.
Explore what makes things work. We want kids to break our toys during engineering time!
Art is all around us and especially in technology. Explore art both in plugged and unplugged ways!
Kids go back to school stronger than ever thanks to no-stress daily math lessons.
IT'S SUMMER! Everything we do is meant to be fun. Campers are given the freedom to choose their own options. After noon, campers can pick from individual and team activities.

Coding Languages We Teach

A great starter language for kids of all ages. Ages: 4-100 Threshold: Low Ceiling: Med-High
A fantastic language for older and/or more advanced kids. Ages: 8+ Threshold: Medium Ceiling: High
WordPress is a great tool to manage websites. HTML is a simple markup language Ages: 4-100 Threshold: Low Ceiling: High
For kids who want to know what "real coding" is, Java is the most in demand programming language. Ages: 12+ Threshold: Med-High Ceiling: High

Our Team:

Meet Our Senior Staff. We Love What We Do!

Half Day
$600/ 3 wk session
  • Our STEAM-based curriculum in the morning. Kids learn to code, have daily Math reviews and indulge in all the cool parts of science.
  • 9 am- 12 noon
  • 3 weeks
Full Day
$810/ 3 wk session
  • Our STEAM-based curriculum in the morning and arts, crafts, fun and games in the afternoon.
  • 9 - 2:30
  • 3 weeks
  • Early Drop-Off Available (8-9)
Extended Day
$900/ 3 wk session
  • STEAM-based curriculum in the morning. Crafts and activities in the afternoon. Early drop-off and late pick-up.
  • 3 weeks
  • early drop-off starts at 7:45
  • late pick-up til 6:00

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